The Explorer Reloaded, Part II

Yea, SO about that raw footage. You’d think that after I saw that red mist through my view finder several times that I’d jump into my car and break out of that place. But no, instead, I went on the other side where there was a dam, and took lots of photos.

I swear, I don’t know if it’s because I’m former Marine, where I think I’m untouchable. This was not my first time doing some shit like this, and I’m either going to need to stop, take advantage of the 11th amendment, or photograph ONLY in populated areas. People are crazy out here, you know?

The photos will be posted at a later time though.


Nigga (/ˈnɪɡə/) is a colloquial term used in African American Vernacular English that began as an eye dialect form of the word nigger, an ethnic slur against black people. In some dialects of English, the word is pronounced the same as nigger, including where common speech is non-rhotic.

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, create your own reality to justify the use of the term, or simply don’t care, the fact remains that the term “Nigga” was birthed by “Nigger.” The word is charged with darkness and hate, and the use of it will continue to have its subconscious psychological effects, even if you are in denial of it. Let’s also keep in mind that this word, if used in the UK or South Africa, is an actual charge.

The Kingdom of Benin

A few months ago, I received my DNA results, and it was discovered that the highest percentage came from Benin and Togo. Followed by Cameroon and the Congo. The remaining percentages came from places such as Nigeria, Mali, and the Ivory Coast. Below you can find a snapshot of my DNA results.

In discovering where I came from, I have been researching the culture of my ancestors a great deal.

You can also see below I have posted a video, showing the history of the Kingdom of Benin. I strongly recommend that you take a look at it. Truly an interesting part of history, and it amazes me how many different peoples of the African continent actually exists.

There appears to be different tribes, and as much as you may not like the term “tribes”, you must admit that based on the facial features alone, there are certainly different groups within the continent of Africa.


Yes. These really did and do exist. I honestly don’t know how the horses managed. They must have been trained to wear armor. Likewise for the humans themselves.


The three items beneath were photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Islamic Art department. When I look at artifacts of the ancient world, I stare at the piece and sometimes try to imagine what space the creator of the artifact was in at the time; I try to attune myself with the piece.

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