Color Therapy

I went to the Newark museum in New Jersey, I’d say for the third or fourth time in the last three years. Anyway, I saw this beautiful piece of art. I figured why not record a video of it on my iPhone and make it something magical?

I’ve infused it with rain sounds. Stare at its colors, relax and enjoy. You’re welcome.

Art by: Philip K. Smith III

  • Torus 9, 2014
  • Acrylic
  • Plywood
  • LED lights
  • Custom electronic components


Yes. These really did and do exist. I honestly don’t know how the horses managed. They must have been trained to wear armor. Likewise for the humans themselves.


The three items beneath were photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Islamic Art department. When I look at artifacts of the ancient world, I stare at the piece and sometimes try to imagine what space the creator of the artifact was in at the time; I try to attune myself with the piece.

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