Treasures & Ruins

This wheel was erected in the late 18th century or early 19th century. The water wheels and related machinery were used to grind sugar and were fabricated in Scotland. With the collapse of the sugar industry in 1887, this and other mills became obsolete. It now stands as a reminder of Tobago’s past.

Another reminder of our rich history of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Another reminder of the government of Trinidad and Tobago’s government’s level of care for the nation’s treasures. I am quite sure this is in no way being cured for protection from the elements, as it will eventually rot away; not to mention the location next to the sea’s blast.

Tobago’s Treasures

In Golden Lane lies the grave of Gang-Gang Sarah, a slave woman who centuries ago was supposed to have flown from West Africa to Tobago to take spiritual care of her people who were brought to Tobago as slaves. Legend has it that after Emancipation, with slaves freed, she decided to fly back to her homeland and attempted to take off from a high silk cotton tree. However, as she took off she fell to the ground from this great height and was killed. The story goes that because she had eaten salt during her sojourn in Tobago, she had lost her power to fly.

I am currently in my hometown of Trinidad and Tobago, on the island of Tobago. I left for the US at a mighty young age, and every time I return I am reminded of how rich the island is with historical treasures. It is unfortunate however, how the government of Trinidad & Tobago doesn’t seem to really care about the treasures.
The silk Cotton Tree has its roots from the African Spiritual system. This particular tree is said to have trapped Spirits…bad spirits.

TRLS Top Ten Countdown


Tonight, I hosted the very first countdown on my podcast show. Unlike the radio, I will be playing great music in no particular order based on popularity or sales. I’m just going to keep music alive. So, stay tuned for more of the TRLS countdown. As always, it is always best to download episodes. Hey, you never know if you might need them on the train or the plane…just sayin’.