Hide Your Eyes | Lengthy Haiku

The most vulnerable,

The eyes.

The most invasive,

Tear ducts; the eyes.

The most revealing,


The most piercing for the soul,

Take control.

The eyes.

I don’t make eye contact,

They say I lack:


But I’m the most honest,

Never make a promise:

I can’t keep,


You’re eyeing the lion.

Hide your eyes.

3rd Eye

What you are about to read will not make any sense: I just saw my third eye. It’s legit and has been opened.

JuJu & Amara La Negra

Before Amara La Negra got my attention, I remembered looking at JuJu’s interview at the National Clown Alliance (The Breakfast Club). I recalled being impressed with the interview, as she beamed with intelligence and confidence. So, when I saw that her and Amara were friends, I thought that was a dope combination. It would be such an awesome thing for them to have their own reality show, focusing on their success as well as struggles as afro latino women.

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