Chester Bennington Candlelight Vigil

There will be a Candlelight Vigil for Chester at the Camden Waterfront



When: August 1

Address: 2 Riverside Drive, Camden, New Jersey 08103

Public Event by: Kristen Huff

If you have Facebook, you will be able to find more details there.

The audio below can be downloaded via my podcast here:Ā Rest in Peace Chester

Tobago’s Treasures

In Golden Lane lies the grave of Gang-Gang Sarah, a slave woman who centuries ago was supposed to have flown from West Africa to Tobago to take spiritual care of her people who were brought to Tobago as slaves. Legend has it that after Emancipation, with slaves freed, she decided to fly back to her homeland and attempted to take off from a high silk cotton tree. However, as she took off she fell to the ground from this great height and was killed. The story goes that because she had eaten salt during her sojourn in Tobago, she had lost her power to fly.

I am currently in my hometown of Trinidad and Tobago, on the island of Tobago. I left for the US at a mighty young age, and every time I return I am reminded of how rich the island is with historical treasures. It is unfortunate however, how the government of Trinidad & Tobago doesn’t seem to really care about the treasures.
The silk Cotton Tree has its roots from the African Spiritual system. This particular tree is said to have trapped Spirits…bad spirits.

Bob Marley standing next to Katherine Jackson while the Jackson’s visited Jamaica. I’m watching the Jackson 5 movie right now on YouTube, so I’m on some serious musical history vibrations right now.

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I’ve been learning about other people’s history all of my years thus far. Then when I even have the opportunity to learn about my own ancestors, I get a recycling of the same historical figures…over and over again. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research, that I discovered just how much history is out there. If you are uncomfortable with this post, then that’s good; you’ve learned something today…I just got started. I appreciate all of world history, but when these figures are hidden, I have to wonder why, and just what else is being hidden and not being filtered into the education system and the world for that matter. #book #books #blackhistory #class #classess #classmate #classmates #education #homework #instagood #hiddenfigures #peer #history #school #student #students #teacher #teachers #textbook #textbooks #work (at Bergenfield, New Jersey)

The Periwinkle Initiative derives its name from the flower that certain scholars believe was the most common wildflower brought to gravesites of enslaved Americans. This perennial flower has guided researchers to many abandoned burial grounds that would have otherwise gone undetected. The resilient Periwinkle is a perfect symbol to represent the endurance of enslaved Americans and their legacy.

Periwinkles and Slaves

After I visited Mahwah yesterday, I came home and decided to look up some YouTube videos on slave cemeteries throughout the USA. It is here where I realized that periwinkles were also at the site where the slaves at the Hopper Family Cemetery.

If you look through the photos that I posted earlier, you will observe the leaves of the periwinkle plant. The flowers clearly aren’t blooming due to the season. These slaves had a vast amount of knowledge, because not only do these plants mark their graves, but they were also able to sustain the harsh winter season, and continue to grow over hundreds of hears later. Absolutely amazing!

Periwinkles and Slaves