3rd Eye

What you are about to read will not make any sense: I just saw my third eye. It’s legit and has been opened.

Color Therapy

I went to the Newark museum in New Jersey, I’d say for the third or fourth time in the last three years. Anyway, I saw this beautiful piece of art. I figured why not record a video of it on my iPhone and make it something magical?

I’ve infused it with rain sounds. Stare at its colors, relax and enjoy. You’re welcome.

Art by: Philip K. Smith III

  • Torus 9, 2014
  • Acrylic
  • Plywood
  • LED lights
  • Custom electronic components

Non-Alcoholic Wine

I gave up alcoholic beverages a good six months now. After years of indulgence, I have come to the reality that the chemicals that make up who I am, just does not mix with alcohol.

This was not a huge change for me, as I have never been a “big drinker.” But it has certainly been a change. A change that has been doing me good…a lot of good to be quite honest.

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