Hide Your Eyes | Lengthy Haiku

The most vulnerable,

The eyes.

The most invasive,

Tear ducts; the eyes.

The most revealing,


The most piercing for the soul,

Take control.

The eyes.

I don’t make eye contact,

They say I lack:


But I’m the most honest,

Never make a promise:

I can’t keep,


You’re eyeing the lion.

Hide your eyes.

JuJu & Amara La Negra

Before Amara La Negra got my attention, I remembered looking at JuJu’s interview at the National Clown Alliance (The Breakfast Club). I recalled being impressed with the interview, as she beamed with intelligence and confidence. So, when I saw that her and Amara were friends, I thought that was a dope combination. It would be such an awesome thing for them to have their own reality show, focusing on their success as well as struggles as afro latino women.

Lake Solitude Dam

I’m looking forward to spring. No matter how great your lens are, your photos will be lifeless without color. Especially during the winter. I spent a good 30-45 minutes here testing shutter speed and shutter priority.

The Explorer Reloaded, Part II

Yea, SO about that raw footage. You’d think that after I saw that red mist through my view finder several times that I’d jump into my car and break out of that place. But no, instead, I went on the other side where there was a dam, and took lots of photos.

I swear, I don’t know if it’s because I’m former Marine, where I think I’m untouchable. This was not my first time doing some shit like this, and I’m either going to need to stop, take advantage of the 11th amendment, or photograph ONLY in populated areas. People are crazy out here, you know?

The photos will be posted at a later time though.

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