It’s been a minute, but nevertheless, I am here. I am..That. I am.

This smoothie is ideal for de-bloating, and more.

Discovered it from Maxine’s Corner

My tip to you: Never mix green tea matcha with cow’s milk, and try to get your matcha from the Japanese-made companies.

Feed your soul. Much love. Peace and coconut oil.

Judge Faith Jenkins

Hello to All! It’s been several weeks since I have posted on this blog. I’m always so busy creating something.

Anyway, without saying too much, and losing your interest, please click on the following video (it might take sometime to load). You will learn a thing or two here. I’ll post some clips on what her syndicated show entails for the most part. Enjoy.


Music is everything. Got me out of the bed and in the mood to fix some smoke herring and green bananas. Celia Cruz! 💃🏾

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