The Explorer Reloaded, Part II

Yea, SO about that raw footage. You’d think that after I saw that red mist through my view finder several times that I’d jump into my car and break out of that place. But no, instead, I went on the other side where there was a dam, and took lots of photos.

I swear, I don’t know if it’s because I’m former Marine, where I think I’m untouchable. This was not my first time doing some shit like this, and I’m either going to need to stop, take advantage of the 11th amendment, or photograph ONLY in populated areas. People are crazy out here, you know?

The photos will be posted at a later time though.

The Explorer Reloaded

I’m always going outdoors somewhere taking photos. I wasn’t quite prepared for this particular adventure.

I had googled the terms “slave cabins in New Jersey.” Google then decided to show me a place called “The Solitude House” in a town called High Bridge. The Google results failed to show the ACTUAL status of the property. I thought I was on my way to a museum or something. I get to the town and immediately smelled “Republicans.” I sent two of my friends my current location, and told them that I was in a “KKK Town.”

Anyway, as you can see, the place was damn near desolate, not to mention winter can suck the life out of any environment.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I will post raw footage.

Remind me to always check with Yelp before I do Google.


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Why They Killed Prince

The following video was created by CDFury over at YouTube. Whether you’re into conspiracy theories or not, I am pretty sure that this video will get your attention.

It seems as though when artists who have fought for their rights and music catalog win, they seem to somehow encounter an untimely death:

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