Intuition & Dreams (Aaliyah)

We live in world, on a planet, in a place where were we taught by the false practices of society, to never trust instincts. If today you were to express yourself to another and say, “I don’t think that I should do this or that,” you will most likely be faced with, “You’re paranoid.” The following excerpt was taken from a German magazine, a few weeks before the death of Aaliyah. Pay attention to the details of her recurring dream:

The month before she died in a plane crash, singer Aaliyah said she had a recurring dream that she was flying away from her problems.

“It is dark in my favourite dream. Someone is following me. I don’t know why. I’m scared,” she said in an interview with German weekly Die Zeit, which was released yesterday.

“Then, suddenly, I lift off. Far away. How do I feel? As if I am swimming in the air. Free. Nobody can reach me. Nobody can touch me. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

The interview, in a Paris hotel, was one of the last given by the 22-year-old star, who died with eight others when her plane crashed after takeoff on Saturday in the Bahamas.

There were also reports that Aaliyah told her mother via phone that she didn’t want to get on the small plane, and that her mother told her that maybe she should not have gone.

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