The Kingdom of Benin

A few months ago, I received my DNA results, and it was discovered that the highest percentage came from Benin and Togo. Followed by Cameroon and the Congo. The remaining percentages came from places such as Nigeria, Mali, and the Ivory Coast. Below you can find a snapshot of my DNA results.

In discovering where I came from, I have been researching the culture of my ancestors a great deal.

You can also see below I have posted a video, showing the history of the Kingdom of Benin. I strongly recommend that you take a look at it. Truly an interesting part of history, and it amazes me how many different peoples of the African continent actually exists.

There appears to be different tribes, and as much as you may not like the term “tribes”, you must admit that based on the facial features alone, there are certainly different groups within the continent of Africa.

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  1. I believe the Benin in your Ancestry results refer to Benin (the West African country) as opposed to the Kingdom of Benin (located in present day Nigeria) which you have posted a video of.

    1. Indeed. Considering the small percentage if Nigerian found in the DNA, I figured it would still be vital to learn of.

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