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In light of the recent Blackamoor brooch that was worn by Princess Michael of Kent, recently. I feel now compelled to write this blog entry on art.

Recently, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of art, in New York City. Upon wandering around the museum, I stumbled upon a colonial-style room. I couldn’t help but observe, sitting up on the fireplace a beautiful mantle of a Blackamoor woman. There was a rope blocking off the rest of the room, so I could not get closer unfortunately. It also makes me question why these types of pieces aren’t more freely displayed. I felt as though the museum was hiding it.

In the photos above, you will see the original scale of the photo, versus the cropped version. And I cropped it so that you can see exactly what I saw. I am not sure why the Blackamoor type of art is offensive to so many people, but as an art lover, I can honestly say that I think that they are absolutely beautiful.

It is also mentioned, that these types of brooches were worn as protective amulets. I think that we owe it to ourselves to do more of a detailed research on Blackamoor art and what they actually mean.

As for the Princess Michael of Kent, I really have no comments. I was told that there is a past of racism within who she is. To me, that is none of my concern, and her own personal problem if she in fact is. At her age, she should be seeking peace and humbleness versus being petty and ignorant.

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