The following photograph was taken at the Metropolitan Museum of art. You may recognize the photo as Starbucks uses the image as their logo. The creature is known as a Siren.

I was born in Trinidad & Tobago. My grandmother was born in Tobago in the 1940s, and this is what she told me:

When The Most High casted Lucifer and 33 1/3 of his angels down to planet earth, those who fell in the seas became strange sea creatures: Mermaids, mermen, sirens. Those who fell on the earth’s surface became demons, and more..influencing mankind and teaching us many things. I dont know where she got the story, but that is what I was told.

A decade later, one of my HS teachers stated that her grandfather actually saw one while at a river in a place known as Moriah, located in Tobago. They were spotted several times around the island, and were known to lure males to their death by drowning.

Many strange occurrences took place by strange deaths by drowning on the island. It is mentioned that after hurricane Flora, they were never again seen.

Also, I do believe that there is a reason why the modern-day device sirens are named so. Whatever these creatures were, must have had a very super high pitched voice.

Mythical creatures are coined as such, because it is better to sell that to us than the truth.

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