Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Part 1

Below, are a combination and compilation of photographs that I took while I visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Many people are not aware, but slaves actually built the home of Thomas Jefferson. Regardless of what you might read, regardless of what history has taught you, slaves actually constructed and built the home of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America.

The photos show fingerprints embedded in the bricks. As the young slave children had to turn the brick over in the sun in order for them to dry. They were required to make approximately 3000 bricks daily. Yes, and we are called “lazy.” And if that were so, then perhaps it is a fact with good reason.

While on the guided tour, not once did any of the tour guides mention these bricks. The only reason I was able to see the fingerprints in the bricks was because I asked the young lady who conducted the African-American tour. And that was after she completed the tour to the public.

Several years ago, I remembered seeing a news report from one of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson’s (due to his relationship with Sally Hemings), and so I proceeded to ask the question. The lady then walked me right to the area where I would see the fingerprints in the bricks.

I remembered standing there with my camera, and feeling moved. Several times, I placed my fingers within the very grooves of these prints.


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